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Privacy statement

Privacy Statement CEK Zwijndrecht - 7 January 2019

Protection: CEK Zwijndrecht attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data. In this privacy policy we want to provide clear and transparent information about how we handle personal data. We make every effort to guarantee your privacy and therefore handle personal data with care. CEK Zwijndrecht complies in all cases with the applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation. This implies that we at least:

- process your personal data in accordance with the purpose for which they were provided, these goals and type of personal data are described in this privacy policy.

- processing of your personal data is limited to only those data that are minimally required for the purposes for which they are processed.

- ask for your explicit permission if we need it for the processing of your personal data.

- have taken appropriate technical and / or organizational measures to ensure the security of your personal data.

- do not transfer personal data to other parties, unless this is necessary for the purposes for which they were provided.

- are aware of your rights regarding your personal data, to point this out and respect them.

As CEK Zwijndrecht, we are responsible for the processing of your personal data. If, after reading our privacy policy, or in a more general sense, you have questions about this or wish to contact us, please contact us via the following contact details:

CEK Zwijndrecht, Ter Steeghe Ring 115 * 3331 LX * Zwijndrecht * The Netherlands * T (078) 619-1000 Trade register Nr. 23092837 VAT number NL807898302B01 

Contact person for privacy matters: Enrico Visser

What do we process personal data for

Your personal data are processed by CEK Zwijndrecht for the following purposes:

- Entering into agreements

- Sending newsletters

- Entering employment contracts

- Providing information in response to an application

For the objectives stated above, we can ask you for the following personal data:

For customers and interested parties: - Name / initials / insert, Address, Postal code, City, State, Country, City, Telephone number, E-mail address, Gender, Date of birth, Employed by organization.

For applicants and employees: - Name / initials / insert, Address, Postal code, City, State, Country, Place of residence, Telephone number, E-mail address, Gender, Date of birth, Employed by organization, Place of birth, Marital status, IBAN, Vehicle number plate, BSN number, Passport copy on which passport photo is visible, Salary data.

Provision to third parties: We may provide the data that you give to us to third parties if this is necessary for the execution of the above described purposes. We use a third party for our website, administration, reviews, newsletters, affiliate program, customer service, ICT, social media, processing payments, delivering (sending) your order and salary administration. Of course we have a processing agreement with all parties. We never pass on personal data to other parties with whom we have not entered into a processor agreement. With these parties (processors), we of course make the necessary arrangements to ensure the security of your personal data. Furthermore, we will not provide the information you provide to other parties, unless this is legally required and permitted. An example of this is that the police request us (personal) data in the context of an investigation. In such a case, we must cooperate and are therefore obliged to provide this information. We may also share personal data with third parties if you give us permission in writing. We do not provide personal data to parties which are located outside the EU.

Minors: We only process personal data of minors (persons younger than 16 years) if written permission has been given by the parent, caregiver or legal representative.

Storage period: CEK Zwijndrecht does not store personal data longer than necessary for the purpose for which it was provided or required by law.

Security: We have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against unlawful processing, as we have taken the following measures;

- SSL certificate to securely process your data on our website.

- We work with reliable (website) software suppliers, who also take all legal precautions to protect your data.

- We work with a reliable payment provider, who also takes all legal precautions to protect your data.

- Our systems comply with up to date anti-virus software and are protected with at least 1 password and / or pin code.

- Paper administration is destroyed by a recognized and certified archive destruction company.

- Our employees have all signed a confidentiality agreement.

Rights concerning your data: You have the right to inspect, rectify or delete the personal data we have from you. You can also object to the processing of your personal data (or a part thereof) by us or by one of our processors. You also have the right to have the data provided by you transferred by us to yourself or directly to another party if desired. We can logically ask you to identify you before we can respond to the aforementioned requests.

Complaints: If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data, we ask you to contact us about this. If you do not come here with us, we find this very annoying. You have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority, this is the supervisory authority in the area of ​​privacy.

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy please contact us!

Cookies: To ensure that the websites of CEK Zwijndrecht work well and that you can enjoy shopping, we use cookies. Cookies collect information that is necessary for the proper functioning of a website. Cookies from CEK Zwijndrecht are safe. They can not collect personal information and are safe for your PC, laptop, tablet or phone. Cookies usually disappear when your browser closes. Some cookies remain a few days to a few years. You can remove or disable them from your browser at any time. You can find explanations about how to change the cookie settings under help in most browsers. Note: most websites do not work optimally if you disable cookies.

Google Analytics: Through our website, cookies are placed from the American company Google as part of the "Analytics" service. We use this service to track and get reports on how visitors use the website. This processor may be obliged to provide access to these data on the basis of applicable laws and regulations. We collect information about your browsing habits and share this information with Google. Google can interpret this information in conjunction with other datasets and thus track your movements on the internet. Google uses this information to provide, among other things, targeted advertisements (Adwords) and other Google services and products.

Third-party cookies: In the case that software solutions from third parties use cookies, this is stated in this privacy statement.

You can unsubscribe from all e-mails at any time, with the exception of those e-mails that are necessary to process your order.

You can submit a request at any time to have your data removed, with the exception of the data that we are obliged to keep (such as invoices).


We build our website with Shopify. They keep track of everything that happens on our website.


Avada collects all data to be able to send our newsletters, birthday emails, back in stock and other follow-up emails.

Data export:

Data Export collects all data regarding the orders you place.

Easy redirects:

Easy redirects will take you to our homepage if a certain link on our website no longer exists.

collects a lot of data. You can turn this on or off yourself in your Facebook account.

GDPR Legal Cookie:

They collect the data regarding the cookies on our website and ensure that this data also disappears.

By Shopify

Geolocation will see your location if set on your device.

Google collects a lot of data. You can also adjust this yourself in your google account.

Langify :
Translation program

Langify does not collect customer data

Product options:

Product options does not collect customer data.

Order Printer :

Order Printer reads all data necessary to print an invoice or packing slip.


Picklist reads the items that are ordered.

QLS Parcel Service:

Reads all data necessary to deliver the order to you.

They ship our orders with PostNL and DHL.


Read your data as soon as you register a return so that we can process the return properly.


They read your address and order so that the Fedex rate for delivery can be calculated and the address labels and necessary papers can be created.


We collect reviews via the WebwinkelKeur platform. If you leave a review via WebwinkelKeur, you are obliged to provide your name, place of residence and e-mail address. WebwinkelKeur shares this information with us, so that we can link the review to your order. WebwinkelKeur also publishes your name and place of residence on its own website. In some cases WebwinkelKeur may contact you to explain your review. In the event that we invite you to leave a review, we will share your name and email address with WebwinkelKeur. They only use this information for the purpose of inviting you to leave a review. WebwinkelKeur has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. WebwinkelKeur reserves the right to engage third parties for the provision of the service, for which we have given permission to WebwinkelKeur. All the above-mentioned guarantees with regard to the protection of your personal data also apply to the parts of the service for which WebwinkelKeur engages third parties.

Changes to the privacy policy: We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time. On this page you will always find the most recent version. If the new privacy policy affects the way in which we process already collected data relating to you, we will notify you by e-mail.