Leotards for teams

Looking for your club leotard? Then CEK is the best choice for clubs: Whether you want a simple and cheap club leotard or want to shine with the most beautiful leotard on the competition floor, everything is possible with us. Design and personalize your own leotards with CEK together!

New associations

If you are new to CEK and don't know how the process works, here is a 6-step plan:

  • Go to the page: Design your leotard.
  • Scroll down and view all brands.
  • Read each brand carefully because each brand has its own options and prices.
  • Go to the brochures page and view the brochures for inspiration. View the various brochures available from our brands here.
  • Sketch a design and/or explain in detail what the package should look like. Let us know what wishes, fabrics, colors, rhinestones, quantities, budget and questions you still have.
  • Email it to: info@cek-gymnastics.com and we will get to work for you!

Associations that already collaborate with CEK

Are you a member of an association that works with us and would you like to order a club leotard? That's no problem!

  • Search for the name of your association at the top under TEAMS.
  • Click on the name of your association.
  • Click on the correct leotard.
  • Choose the right size.
  • Order the leotard.

Is your association not listed? Send an email to  info@cek-gymnastics.com  with the name of the association and the relevant leotard.

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