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Size charts

Size charts Gymnastics clothing various brands

Through years of experience, we have transformed all of the gymnastics clothing sizes of the different brands that we supply into the European sizing for children with a normal build. This measurement already takes into account a normal amount of growing space. Of course, we cannot give any guarantees on these dimensions and these dimensions are only an advice. You can calculate the correct size using the size tables below.

Are you in doubt? Feel free to visit us in the store or at a competition in the region where we are present.

A tight feeling under the armpits usually means that the leotard is too big. The leotard then wants to store the superfluous fabric underneath the armpits.

Open the correct size chart per brand here

GK Size chart Girl's and Women's

GK size chart Boy's and Men's

GIMAR size chart Girl's and Women's

GIMAR size chart Boy's and Men's

CRAZE size chart Girl's and Women's

Some CRAZE models are fully or partially provided with a backing material to prevent it from seeing through. This base fabric can reduce the stretch of some models. As soon as this is known to us, you will find a SIZE BIGGER advice with the package in question.

ERVY size chart gymnastics apparel


Reisport gymnastics grips

You can easily determine the right size via the size chart for gymnastics grips. If you are not sure whether you have bought the right size, ask the trainer or trainer for advice before using the grips. Grips that have been used or have been in contact with magnesium and the like cannot be returned.

Size chart Reisport grips



If in doubt, ask your trainer which grips you need (or ask one of our employees).

GK size chart beginnergrips

CRAZE size chart beginnergrips



CRAZE size chart Loops

Gymnastics shoes IWA

Select the current shoe size for the IWA articles. If the feet are growing a lot, choose current shoe size +1.


*Because personal preference often plays a major role in choosing the right size, no rights can be derived from our size tables. Our size charts are for advice only.

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