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CEK does its best to provide you with the best quality.

Yet, it possible that a product contains a manufacturing defect. CEK offers 6 months of warranty on the (user-) products it supplies. The warranty period starts on the invoice date.

To learn, we will take the defective items return. In accordance with the law, we will repair the article, or we will fully or partly compensate you. The warranty applies only on manufacturing defects (such as loose seams or stitching, broken elastics etc.)

To be eligible for the warranty we need: The article, copy of your proof of purchase, (in the case of clothing) the (size) label, which is located on the inside of the clothing, and a completed complaint form.


What is a manufacturing defect? This is a defective product which is NOT caused by:

- Improper use (e.g. cutting labels from the leotard)

- Normal wear (e.g. Pilling and the loss of shine of the fabric)

- No or poor maintenance (e.g. Not washing the sportswear after each use)

- Colorrunning (e.g. if light- and dark-colored are combined in a leotard, or in combination with a short)

Blurring of the fabric's color, loss of the fabric's shine and loss of the film of the fabric are normal characteristics of (film) fabrics. This is, therefore, excluded from warranty.

Sublimation fabrics: These are fabrics where a print can be put on a (most often) white surface. Because of this, pilling will be visible quickly (this can already be after wearing it only a couple of times). These fabrics are similar to a swimming suit. Contact with rough surfaces and materials can create small "fluffs" and "pulls" in the fabric. Pilling is a normal characteristic for many fabrics. Because of the white background, the white color can become visible at the surface. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to avoid this and the degree to which this "damage" occurs depends on the degree to which the clothing is used. This is why it is not covered by any warranty. 


Wear of leather products is dependent on many factors (including the weight of the wearer and the degree of usage). The thinning of leather products (e.g. grips) is also subject to normal wear and is not covered by the warranty.


Used clothing that has not been washed will not be processed by us. You are then responsible for the shipping costs to receive the clothing back.

Returned items that are not covered by the warranty can, after notice, be picked up at our warehouse free of charge. We can also send the articles to you after you've pay the applicable shipping costs.


Gymnastics clothing can be made of various fragile fabrics. Therefore, check our website for the different fabric properties and their expected lifetimes. This will avoid disappointment. Always follow the maintenance and user guidelines for your gymnastics clothing, materials and tools as stated on our website. If you are unsure whether your complaint is covered by the warranty, please send us a photo and a description of the item and the defect by e-mail first.

Always return your shipment sufficiently stamped or bring it to our warehouse with all necessary information included. Remember to write down your address and e-mail. Within 2 weeks, you will receive an update of  your return shipment by e-mail. Please note that during general holiday periods, this period may be longer.

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Download the warranty form for gymnastics clothing

Download the warranty form for other articles

By agreeing to our terms and conditions or by paying for your purchase in a remote location or in our showroom you indicate to be familiar with our warranty conditions, fabric properties, care instructions and other guidelines for the use of gymnastics equipment and tools.

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