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Long-sleeved leotards

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If you want to be beautiful, you have to spend money... A long-sleeved leotard is simply more expensive than a sleeveless leotard. Of course you also get a bit more for it. Fortunately, our different brands now offer you the opportunity to buy a glamorous leotard with Swarovski or sequins for a competitive price.

The most beautiful Designs GK, GIMAR, QUATRO, CRAZE, ERVY, THE ZONE

Our brands know very well how to take the simplicity of a leotard to the next level. With the beautiful fabrics such as mystique and subfuse, the most wonderful design tricks are performed. The rhinestone patterns from Swarovski "bling" like no other. An asymmetrical or symmetrical design determines the "match" with the gymnast. These top designs appeal to the imagination. Every detail has been thought of, with color contrasts, sequins and sequins. The combination of fit, comfort and top design is a luxury that you like to wrap yourself in.