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KINEPLUS Kinesia Socks


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KINEPLUS Kinesia Socks

Innovative High-compression low half sock engineered with patented ankle-arch support structured that stimulates the proprioceptive system, helps prevent disartions and promotes post-trauma recovery.

Boost compression by pairing these socks with the K901 or the K913

Proprioceptme control system

* Improves Balance and Stability

* Improves Motor Control

* Stimulates Proprioception

* Helps Post-Trauma recovery

* Better Posture

* Enhances Athletic Performance

* Efficacy Confirmed by Scientific tests

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48% Poliammide

41% Polipropilene

7% Elastan

4% Acril

Sold in pairs of 2 socks

The KINESIA sock, 100% Made in Italy, is made of breathable and antibacterial fabric, Silver Drystat®, which, thanks to the silver molecules contained in the fiber itself, guarantees a long-lasting effect of the bacteriostatic agent, even after repeated washing. formation of bacteria and the resulting bad odors.


48% nylon / 41% poliproileen / 7% elastan / 4% acryl

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KINEPLUS Kinesio sokken - CEK Gymnastics
KINEPLUS Kinesio sokken - CEK Gymnastics
KINEPLUS Kinesio sokken - CEK Gymnastics
KINEPLUS Kinesio sokken - CEK Gymnastics
KINEPLUS Kinesia Socks