GK Leotard E4752 Divine Dreams


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Front and Back Body: 84% Polyester/16% Spandex

Description GK Leotard E4752 Divine Dreams

Step into the gym with confidence, wear the Suni Lee Divine Dreams tank top and let it fuel your own ambitions. Inspired by the leotard worn during Suni's remarkable performance at the 2018 U.S. National Championships, where she earned the bronze medal in the all-around and dominated the uneven bars with a gold medal, this lion encapsulates the essence of her extraordinary journey. While Suni herself has set her sights on a return to the Olympics in 2024, this leotard not only epitomizes her past achievements, but also serves as a powerful reminder for gymnasts to relentlessly pursue their own dreams until they reach triumphant realities become.

Designed by Sunisa Lee, this cherry blossom leotard features bold Silver Hologram Spanglez™ embellishments on the chest. With its crew neck, rounded keyhole back and matching white scrunchie, we've combined Suni's personal style with GK's fit and functionality to create a leo you can dream big in


Sublimation fabrics such as subfuse and polytek tend to pill more quickly. This is a known fabric property and is not covered by any warranty. More information on the Service page.

GK Leotard E4752 Divine Dreams
GK Leotard E4752 Divine Dreams
GK Leotard E4752 Divine Dreams
GK Leotard E4752 Divine Dreams
GK Leotard E4752 Divine Dreams