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Gymnastics clothing is made of different fabrics. These fabrics have different properties besides being beautiful, modern, shiny etc.

Sublimated fabrics are popular at the moment.

These are fabrics where a print is placed on a (usually) white background. As a result, pilling is quickly visible (this can even be visible after the first wear). These fabrics are similar to a bathing suit. Contact with rough surfaces and materials causes "fluff" and "drags" in the fabric. Pilling is a normal fabric property of many fabrics. Due to the white background, the white comes to the surface. Unfortunately, this can hardly be prevented and the extent of the "damage" shown depends on the use of the clothing. Hence this is not covered by any warranty.

Sublimated (dull) fabrics

Subfuse (GK), Polytek (GK), Sublimada (Gimar), Sublimated (in the description). These substances can pill very quickly.

Sublimated foil fabrics

Pilling is less likely or hardly visible on these sublimation fabrics. However, the foil fabric can become dull due to use or not or incorrect washing.

Durable fabrics

Velours is one of the most durable fabrics and easy to maintain.

Fabrics such as Nylon/Spandex (GK & CEK), Lycra Lisa (Gimar), Polyamid (ERVY), Primatex (GK), Techmesh (GK), Drytech (GK) are also sustainable fabrics, but pilling is visible in this the form of fluff/pulls in the fabric.

Foil (glossy) fabrics

Mystique (GK & CRAZE), Hologram (GK), Lycra Fantasia (Gimar), Lack Shine (ERVY) are sensitive substances. The foil can become dull through use and not or incorrectly washed. Pilling is usually less visible on these fabrics.

(Sublimated) Mesh fabrics

Mesh (GK & CEK), Foiled Mesh (GK), Lycra Crystal (Gimar), Tüll Elastic (ERVY) are sensitive fabrics. These fabrics can be compared to panties. Ladders and pulls can quickly get in here.

Is there a substance described in the description that you are unsure about? Do not hesitate and contact us.

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