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Gymnastics sizing kits

We have different kits with fitting models available from our gymnastics brands.

These fitting models are often plain leotards in the desired type of fabric. But never the exact model you ultimately want.

Therefore, these fitting models should always be ordered at the same time as a sample leotard of the desired model. Only in this way can you properly estimate whether the sample loetard is the same size as the fitting models. Sometimes the sample leotard is a size larger or smaller than the fitted models. You can then take this into account with the final order.

Of course it remains an indication. If you prefer to order a full size series of the chosen leotard, this is of course also possible. The sizes are then guaranteed by the supplier.

Sizing kits are available for both men and women.

You pay a small contribution to the washing and replacement costs for the fitting models.

Sizing kits may remain in your possession for 2 weeks, after which we need them again for other associations. They may be returned unwashed. The shipping and return costs are for your own account.

You can order available fitting models here.
Is your brand or model not listed? Please send an inquiry

Sizing kits tracksuits

At JAKO, ERIMA and CRAFT we can order full size series of the model you want. You can keep these in your possession for 3 weeks, after which the sizes that you are not going to order must be returned to JAKO, ERIMA or CRAFT.

You pay the agreed price for the clothing and the shipping and return costs. The sizes that you do not need will be credited to you after return. The other sizes will be used in your final order.

If there is no order for the clothing, an amount of € 29.95 will be charged for borrowing and returning the clothing to JAKO, ERIMA or CRAFT.

Send your request for the fitting models to