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Sometimes something goes wrong after the warranty period. In some cases, we can offer you our repair service.

Defective stitching and taking in or laying out clothes.

It is best to have this repaired locally at a local sewing workshop. This saves shipping costs and the repair is carried out faster.

Loss of Rhinestones and Sequins

Do the rhinestones or sequins (Sequinz or Spangles) fall off the first time you wear them?

Then, this is, of course, covered by the warranty. Please email photos of the article.

Do the rhinestones or sequins (Sequinz or Spangles) fall off after wearing / washing a few times?

Then it probably depends on, for example, the detergent used. You can then email photos to for a quote or a request for a repair set of rhinestones. Depending on the size, color and quantity of the rhinestones, we charge € 2.50 plus shipping costs. In some cases several sets are necessary.

Sequins (Sequinz or Spangles) are not repairable. These are machine-cut figures (usually circles) from ribbon. We do not have machines that can process this.

Repairs to other items

Mail photos of the article to for the possibilities and a price quote.

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