JAKO Teamwear

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What makes a team strong? Common goals. Values we share and the joy of achieving something together. Each team is unique and therefore needs a uniform outfit.

That is precisely our strength

We have been supplying teams, clubs and associations with team equipment for more than 30 years. Fast. Trustworthy. Available. In 1989, Rudi Sprügel started supplying the sports clubs in the area from a small garage located between the rivers Jagst and Kocher and founded JAKO. Meanwhile, more than 100,000 teams in more than 50 countries appreciate our brand. A personal approach, quality and love for the product characterize us completely.

Collections and possibilities

Every year a team line is added and a team line disappears. Our newest line is usually available for 4 years, whereby various sizes may no longer be available in the second half of the new year.

View our latest brochure here and send your request to info@cek-gymnastics.com for a competitive quote for your club with or without printing.