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GK Elite Sportswear has one of the largest stock collections in the world.

Whether you need a sleeveless leotard or a (competition) leotard with long sleeves, GK has it all.

GK has a wide collection of men's leotards which have a standard stock with matching long gymnastics trousers and gymnastic shorts in 5 standard colours. The men's leotards from GK come standard with the "boycut leg" a small leg at the bottom instead of the traditional "bathing suit" model.

Special order leotards for associations are also possible, you can choose an existing design or your own design.

Determining the size can be tricky. The torso size is the most important measurement when it comes to determining the right size. You can find all our size charts here.

GK has different rhinestone crystal qualities such as Premium Swarovski and standard rhinestone crystals. Spanglez, a lightweight, cheaper alternative that is comfortable to train in, surround most stock of gymnastics clothing.

Since 2009 CEK Gymnastics together with GK Elite is the sponsor of the K.N.G.U. also called Dutch Gymnastics.

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WWW.CEK GYMNASTICS.COM the webshop for leotards for girls and leotards for boys. Of course we also have gymnastics shorts, wristbands, gymnastics grips, gymnastics shoes, loops, sports tape, nice gifts, airtracks and much more!