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Leotards for your Team

CEK Gymnastics has been active in gymnastics since 1999. We work with different brands such as GK, GIMAR, QUATRO, ERVY and our own brand CRAZE.

This allows us to supply leotards for recreational boys and girls, but also competition leotards for your atheltes.

Every brand has a price level and options. This way we can supply the right brand for all your gymnastics groups.I

Do you want Sublimation or do you prefer another fabric such as Mystique, Lycra or Velvet? Everything is possible.

Choose an existing design or create your own design leotard togheter with us.

In addition, we also supply the tracksuits from CRAFT - JAKO and ERIMA with discounts of 20-30%.

Gymnastics apparel by CRAZE

All our sleeveless models of CRAZE and long sleeve models are also available in your own colors. Most sleeveless models can also be supplied as a long sleeved leotards. Of course we have an extensive choice that goes beyond what is on our website. Models from the past or your own design are also possible. Sleeveless leotards range from € 39,95 to € 69,95 and long sleeved leotards from € 69,95 tot € 79,95.

 Lookbook CRAZE designs

Gymnastics apparel by GIMAR

GIMAR has a very extensive collection of gymnastics leotards both sleeveless and with long sleeves. A beautifully sublimnated long sleeved leotard in your won design or an existing model? A lot is possible. View the GIMAR brochures or view the sleeveless in stock leotards and the long sleeved leotards.

GIMAR also has an incredible number of examples in the brochures for the boys and men, but your own design is of course also possible. These leotards can be supplied was a traditional leotard or with the boycut leg as you see a lot these days.

GK Gymnastics apparel

Since 2009, GK has been supplying the most beautiful and exlusive leotards for the men and women of our Dutch Gymnastics Elite gymnast. The women leotards are mostly custom designs and are full of original Swarovski crystals.

But of course GK can also supply leotards for your team, For example GK has an extensive collection in stock sleeveless leotards and a small collection of in stock long sleeve leotards for leotards that you need quickly. GK has also a large special order collection which is a bit more expensive in the European market as well as a well-priced sublimation variant. View the brochure for inspiration

GK has an extensive in stock collection of leotards, shorts and long gymnastics pants for boys and men. Ideal for smaller teams. A design of your own is also possible for boys and men. View the brochure for inspiration.

ERVY Gymnastics apparel

ERVY is an established brand in Germany. ERVY has no in stock models only special orders. They have a huge amount of fabrics, rhinestone options and patterns in stock. Ideal for both leisure groups and competition groups.

For men, ERVY has included an extensive collection of examples in its brochures and flyers.

View all ERVY brochures and Flyers here.

QUATRO Gymnastics apparel

Quatro is a brand that has not been on the market for very long. They have their clothes made in China. They supply both in stock leotards, special deisgns and custom designs.

Have you seen something of QUATRO that you like for your team? Design your special order for women or men here. Send it to us and we will provide you with a nice quote.

Trachsuits, t-shirts, polo's, bags and more!

We also supply tracksuits from CRAFT - JAKO and ERIMA with discount of 20-30%. We can also usually take care of the printing for you. Need an ordinary t-shirt, sweater or polo with or without printing? Of course no problem. You can view the brochures of the brands here.

All in all, many options for your club leotards and other clothing!

We are happy to help you. Contact us by phone or send an e-mail with your wishes and budget, and we will get to work for you.

We can be reached by phone from Wednesday to Saturday at +31-78-6191000. Our team specialist are present from Wednesday to Friday. Itherwise send your e-mail to