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GK special order men’s leotards

Men's leotards

In the brochures GK of GK you will find various models of men's leotards. You can order these individually or use them as inspiration for your own design for your team.


GK makes leotards for men in a model with the so-called BOYCUT LEG, a small leg instead of the traditional bathing suit model.

Sublimation technique

Due to the current sublimation techniques, the leotards can be made in great detail.

Shorts and long gymnastics pants

GK has a selection of standard color shorts and long gymnastics pants. In the case of sublimation, we advise to have at least 1 of these colors reflected in the clothing.

Special orders

If a leotard is made especially for the association or yourself, these leotards are excluded from exchange/return and cancellation.

Sublimation quality

There are different qualities of sublimation fabric. We always have the clothing sublimated on Subfuse fabric. Of course, this fabric is also sensitive to pilling, but less than the polytek fabric. Pilling is not covered by any warranty because this is a usage damage.

Ready to order?

Mail to and state the year of the brochure and model number or send in your design wishes. Then we will get to work for you!

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