Airtrack 300, W100 Standard Grey / Blue


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Description Airtrack 300, W100 Standard Grey / Blue

Go wild on this 12SPRINGS AIRTRACK! Waterproof and antislip, and made of high-quality and durable Drop Stitch PVC material (Double Wall Fabric). This airtrack is 3 meters long, 1 meter wide and 10 cm thick. Perfect for safely practicing new skills.

Comes with electric pump and bag!

The 12SPRINGS AIRTRACKS have a sleek and sturdy design. The seems, which are glued under very high temperatures, ensure 100% air and water tightness and the pressure and hardness of the Airtrack can easily be regulated. The extra thick quality means that you can also use the Airtrack outside, such as on the grass, on the sand, and even in the water. The 12SPRINGS Airtracks comes standard with nylon handles so you can move it around easily. This way, you can perform your favorite acrobatic exercises antwhere.

The 12SPRINGS Airtrakcs are available in different lengths and thicknesses. Are you a gymnast, freerunner, athlete or acrobat? We recommend a different thickness for each type of use. Take a look at the table below for this. With regards to the length, a long inflatable mat is recommended for experienced freerunners and gymnasts.

Optionally available with a discount:

Antislip mat against moving of and damage to the airtrack

Made in China

Airtrack 300, W100 Standaard Grijs / Blauw - CEK Gymnastics
Airtrack 300, W100 Standaard Grijs / Blauw - CEK Gymnastics
Airtrack 300, W100 Standaard Grijs / Blauw - CEK Gymnastics
Airtrack 300, W100 Standaard Grijs / Blauw - CEK Gymnastics