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Guidelines for the use of gymnastic materials and aids

Only use the purchased item for its intended purpose.

Use aids such as gymnastics and home training items only under the supervision of a responsible adult.

Gymnastics is a highly technical sport that may only be practiced under the guidance and supervision of a trained person.

Check or have your materials and aids checked regularly for defects or wear and replace your materials and aids in time to prevent accidents and injuries.

CEK is not responsible for any damage whatsoever resulting from improper use of the items supplied by CEK.

Washing instructions

Many find it scary to wash leotards, but it is actually very simple! Watch the instruction video of ERVY Gymnastics clothing. This is (in our experience) the same for all brands that we sell.

People sweat to keep their bodies at the right temperature. Sweat glands are all over the skin, but the hands, feet, groins, and armpits have the most sweat glands. Sweat is mostly water and salt, but it also contains orthocresol and cresol, which have antiseptic properties. A person produces between 100 and 8000 ml of sweat per day, depending on the circumstances such as the weather, temperature and physical exertion. The sweat is converted by bacteria on the skin surface into substances that have a negative effect on the durability of the fabrics used in gymnastics clothing. Gymnastics clothing is worn close to the skin, just like undergarments, which is why bacteria are always left behind after use, which can affect foil fabrics in particular.


CEK Gymnastics washing & maintenance instruction

 Never wash the gymnastics clothing by hand.

- Wash before use.

- Always wash the gymnastics clothing after every training or competition. Never leave used and possibly sweaty gymnastics clothing unwashed.

- Turn the gymnastics clothes inside out and wash them separately in the washing machine at 30°C on a short rinse cycle.

- If the gymnastics clothing contains rhinestones, always wash it in a laundry bag.

- Use a liquid mild detergent without optical brighteners and without fabric softener and avoid overdosing.

- Never use fabric softener.

- Spin the clothes at maximum speed (minimum 1000 rpm)

- Never leave the gymnastics clothes wet in the washing machine, but remove the gymnastics clothes as soon as the washing program is finished. Hang the clothes on a cloting hanger before the final drying.

- Never iron the clothes.

CEK Gymnastics and the brands it sells are not liable for incorrect handling of materials and color combinations.


Warning "Peeling" on the label attached to the clothing. This means that the property of the material from which these clothes are made can show visible peelling faster (even with the first use) than you may be used to.

Most Common Causes of Peeling on Gym Clothing

- Buying clothes that are too big, which means that contact with rough materials such as Velcro can cause big pulls in the fabric.

- Buying clothes that are too big, causing the gymnastics clothes to wrap around the bars. This can also cause considerable damage, especially in the area of ​​the abdomen and lower.

Some degree of peeling on clothing is unavoidable. All our suppliers meet the standard set for clothing and the degree of peeling that is normal for clothing.


Warning "sensitive fabric" on the label attached to the clothing. This means that the base fabric on which the foil fabric is placed has a different color than the foil itself. As a result, the color of the base fabric will become visible more quickly and "stains" may appear in the clothing.

Most common causes of discoloration of the (foil) fabrics from which gymnastics clothing is made.

- Not washing or washing the gymnastics clothing too late.

-  Allowing the clothing to come into contact with, for example, deodorant or hairspray.


CEK provides no warranty if clothing is not washed and dried according to specifications. If you have chosen a model with delicate fabrics and colours, this is at your own risk. CEK can refuse a complaint about (special) orders if you have chosen this combination.

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