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Have you received a voucher from Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur?

Then check carefully whether you can spend it with us.

How do you exchange this credit with us?

1. You place the order on our website in the name of the child indicated on the receipt.

2. When paying, please indicate in the comments: Payment via Jeugdfonds, application number xxx (enter the application number on the receipt here).

3. Under payment method, choose bank transfer.

4. Send an email to with the order number and your application number.

5. You will then receive a message from us if an additional amount must be paid or you will receive confirmation that the order has been paid.

6. Take into account the delivery time shown. Leotards that are specially made for your association often have a minimum delivery time of 6 weeks.

7. As soon as we have everything in stock, your order will be shipped. You will receive an email with track and trace to track the delivery.

8. Enjoy the sport!