GIMAR Own Design

Would you rather have your own Gimar design made? THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

Whether you have an OLYMPIC budget like Mandy, are looking for a sleeveless leotard like DOS Alphen a/d Rijn (they liked the Tulipa but preferred it in a different color combination), or a leotard with long sleeves. There are endless possibilities.

Speciaal voor Mandy ontworpen door GIMAR voor de Olypische Spelen 2021 DOS Alphen a/d Rijn Tulipa Azul Blanket Gimar Special order

If you choose a sublimated model, you will always first receive a blanket to approve the colors.

Find inspiration in the GIMAR brochures.

The Special Order models from GIMAR can often also be adapted to your budget by applying less stras or economy rhinestones to the leotards. The special order models are often fitted with AB Rhinestone strass on the front, back and sleeves. If you have a lower budget, we will adjust the strass to your team budget.

Design along and send your design request with your inspiration to

Advantages of the GIMAR Own designs

* Minimum first order is 20 pieces. Does your team consist of fewer people? Don't worry for a small extra charge, the suits can also be ordered in a lower number. Please state the required number of leotards for a correct quotation.

* When reordering, the packs can be ordered individually.

* A unique design for your team for 2 years!

* GIMAR leotards can be adapted to your budget. Start price is often from € 100.00 for a long-sleeved leotard.

* Free blanket to check the colors.

* Fitted sizes can be ordered without having to purchase a whole range of sizes first.

Special order models

* The special order models from GIMAR can be ordered individually in the color combination shown. Therefore ideal for small teams.

* The special order models from GIMAR can be customized in your team colors.

* The special order models of GIMAR can be fitted with more/less stras or economy rhinestones to get to a different price range.

* Fitted sizes can be ordered without having to purchase a whole size series first.

GIMAR Sublimation fabrics

The sublimation fabrics from GIMAR are the most durable (sturdy) sublimation fabrics that we sell in our range of gymnastics clothing. Of course, this substance can also show pilling, but much less and much less quickly during normal use.