Dealer order

Do you have your own company and want to buy from us?

Mail the complete company details and contact details to, provided with a business plan and which articles you would like to purchase from us.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

Terms & conditions in short

Average expected order value per month € 1000.00. If this is not achieved, we reserve the right to terminate the dealer agreement with effect from the new year.

Shipping costs are calculated for each shipment.

Back orders are sent with a subsequent order.

Orders are generally not taken from our own stock, but ordered from the brands especially for you. Therefore, take into account a delivery time for stock items of 2-4 weeks on average. For special orders, see the order confirmation and invoice.

Orders will only be processed after full payment.

Orders must be placed online or on the relevant order form.

An administration fee of € 5.00 will be charged for changes after the (online) order has been placed. Cancelling the order that has not yet been paid is free of charge.

Cancellation, exchange and return is not possible after payment of the order if the items are not in our stock collection (online) or are specifically composed for you (special order, items with name, etc.)

Cancellation, exchange and return after payment of the order of articles from our stock collection (online) is possible for a contribution of 20% if this concerns more than 1 articles of the concerned order.

Photo & image rights are exclusive of the brands and/or CEK and may be used to a limited extent without modification for the website. The brands and/or CEK must give permission for this.

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